Osaka Punch – Stonk (2016)


“What the hell is this!!!”

My opening thoughts as I began to listen to Brisbane based outfit ‘Osaka Punch’.

Osaka Punch’s music could be described as groove laden funk rock. It could be described as progressive metal pop. It could just be the wackiest, grooviest, most interesting thing I’ve heard all year. I wanna party to this music. I wanna dive off my couch to this music. The blend of low-tuned guitars, feel good grooves, catchy vocal hooks and quirky surprises puts them in the league of their own. Hands down one of the most fun and intriguing artists in our heavy music scene.

Production values are high and sounds really good up loud. (highly recommended)

The vocals are well balanced in the mix along with the tastefully used harmonies and doubling. The range of their vocalist is very impressive and has a certain Incubus meets Twelve Foot Ninja vibe. Bass is punchy thanks to the low-mid range scoop which gives it the push required to match other elements. Brilliant drumming with impressive fills and hat-work adds to the overall musicality of this project. Then there’s the keys and synth sounds that come into effect that take it all to another level.

The EP gets its release later in the until then peep the first single ‘STONK’. It’s up on bandcamp for download/stream and they just released a video for it. Any Brisbane locals reading this might recognise several locations throughout the video as the band goof around and generally air guitar/air drum their way about the place.

The song itself is another great example of how they merge grooves with heavy influences. Lyrically this jam is point with some tongue in cheek social commentary:

“screw your head on tight, but boy your gonna go far, you’ll have a job and a wife, a house two kids and a car”. Feels like they’re taking a decent stab at the consumerism and media around us. Love it. It should be more than enough to gauge if this your cup of tea. Fun synth lines coupled with a smooth vocal line, stabs and punches feels like a hard edged motown number…except with huge guitars.



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