Colibrium – In Balance (2016)


‘In Balance’ is the debut album from Adelaide band ‘Colibrium’. This music reminds me of everything great about the late 90’s and early 2000’s hard rock and cross-over metal bands. The songs are melodic, lead and solo breaks are tasteful and masterfully executed, the hooks are all there, drums are fantastic but despite all the praise this group isn’t bringing anything new to the table. 

It will find fans amongst older audiences but this highly competent band remains relevant to a scene which has embraced powerful and confident vocalists, flamboyant musician ship and proggy arrangements al’a Karnivool, dead Letter Circus, etc etc

Alien’ starts things off with a 6 minute show of the bands capabilities, great vocal range, excellent drum fills, thick guitars and melodic parts with some stops and starts. An early album highlight comes towards the end of the song when the band falls into an almost ‘Alice In Chains’ moment noticeably darker than the rest of the song. Heavier and moodier is better with this band. The song seems to wind down only to fake-out an ending and build back up for another section/chorus bit. It’s an interesting move but possibly a misstep to start the album with something that requires so much attention and time to appreciate.

Locked and Loaded’ feels like it was written for the big stage and possibly with radio in mind..not that it’s a band thing, just noticeably more accessible. The high notes are hits and the pace is dialled up a few notches and the band finds a cohesiveness that stays throughout the album from this point forward. The group vocals in the chorus are a great choice and riffs and musicianship is solid.

Colibrium clearly have their influences but by adding some modern tricks into the mix have created some really strong moments and enjoyable hooks.  Production is tight and big. Like real big. No surprise when you read the credits..Reid Jones and Forrester Savell.

What Colibrium have served up is 8 tracks of anthemic hard rock with enough sensibility to know when and when not to get carried away! It isn’t quite heavy enough to be metal, nor complicated enough to be prog…BUT I would suggest that with just a gentle nudge over that line.. the band could really grab some attention. Strongest at their darkest, most interesting at their busiest, I feel like they don’t go there enough on ‘In Balance’.

Check it out the video for ‘Locked and Loaded’ here:


Follow the band here for info on the release and gigs:

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