Whitefall – Origins (EP) 2016


Canberra’s newcomers Whitefall are releasing their debut EP ‘Origins’ on March 4th The band has been hard at work behind the scenes preparing this for release and the production quality definitely displays some engineering craftsmanship. Thick and full sounding guitars bend and chug away, the drums are sharp and cut through just the right way and vocals are well set on top of the mix.

The material is mid-paced, aggressive metalcore that dabbles with melody (via guitar noodling) and some djenty/proggy ideas but doesn’t quite reach the heights achieved by other artists in the field. Whitefall don’t hide their influences well though and the result is many sections or parts of their songs often have an all-too-familiar feel to them. This could be seen as a strength for reaching new audiences with a comon taste in music? Or it go against them for being too generic.

My largest gripe with the EP is the opening track ‘Serenity’; a 3 minute piece which feels like two different intros were written and then just slapped together for the first track. A jarring start that feels like a misstep.

The fault is amended with ‘Archetype’ which is immediately full of energy and some great ‘chug-chug-beow’ moments that will no doubt bring some heat to a live show.

‘Origins’ on the whole is sure to turn some heads if only for the fact that the lead single ‘Casuality’ features the vocal talents of TesseracT’s Dan Tompkins. It’s a big pull for a young band and is easily the highlight track on the release. Good choice for a first taste.

The EP is over rather quickly and for the most part is not a bad way to start. It’s a strong release and I hope it serves the band well in getting them plenty of work. Go give it a listen!


Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qTIyS18jpc

Socials https://www.facebook.com/whitefallaus

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