2015 wrap up..

Everyone posts their end of year wrap-ups and I will be no exception 🙂

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving dropped ‘Yield To Despair’ which cut new ground in the genre I believe. Heavy as sin and dark as Mordor..but not one chug/djent/bow/riff to be found. Spacey, ambient, proggy, slow, massive. The band shook off the old jazz/math/proggy styles in favour of something far more brooding and the results were awesome. Difficult to listen to and even harder to describe, this was a real time vampire for me this year..kept me coming back over and over to try and fully digest what was going on. So good.

Out of nowhere.. Newcastle lads ‘Majora’ arrived on the scene loaded with music recorded and ready to drop. Way to hit the ground running!! Getting some generous radio play and favourable reviews the band hit the road touring in various support slots and then later as headliners. Big year. The material on Iridescent is strong instro-rock with a nice post-rock lean. Melodic, uplifting and sometimes dark and heavy..but man I played this one a lot and still do.. such epic music!

Fourteen Nights at Sea finally saw the release of their 3rd full length ‘Minor Light’ and it didn’t disappoint. As ethereal and ambient as music with guitars can be it was offset with utterly depressing and emotional heaviness. I found this to be my go-to album for rainy and stormy nights. The contrast between the highs and lows this band can conjure up are huge and the production on this is honestly second to none.

They’re my top 3 for 2015. Yeh a lot of other great music came out, nods to In Hearts Wake for their banger ‘Skydancer’ and Northlane for that ARIA! Hermitude’s insta-classic ‘Dark Night Sweet Light’ was the only thing I listened to in between all these post-prog-metal etc bands. Teramaze gave us aus-prog metal album of the year and to be honest..im still trying to make up my mind about DVSR..but glad to hear some hard-as-fuck aussie hip hop that djents.

Gonna take a lil break like everyone else..come back for a 2016 with more!

Special thanks to Hobbeldehoy Records & Art As Catharsis for the advances, all the bands who shared their music with me and all the readers and facey followers who come across the page.


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