The Human Instrumentality Project – Daybreak on Solstice (2015)


Here’s what you get when you cross ‘Deftones’ with ‘Explosions in the Sky’!

Heavy ass riffage that feels like it was unwillingly churned up from the depths of a dark and miserable place juxtaposed against melodic and ambient guitar work to lull fairies asleep.

It’s an ambitious piece of work by Peter O’connor and friends. 7 tracks and some rather lengthy ones within them…all bursting with energy and melody! As the name would suggest, this is instrumental music and it rocks just like the best of them.

Drums sound huge and tight. The guitars are suitably thick and heavy whilst also achieving the delicate twinkly prettiness needed at times.

It’s hard to pick out highlights as the tracks feel like they journey seamlessly from one to another. The opening track ‘The Eternity of Ham’ is probably the pace setter for the rest of the material though. It’s 9 minute epic which equally sores with big lead’s and heavy riffs and balances out with some gorgeous delay/verb ridden guitar work. Hell of a way to start an album.

As a bonus, for each sale of the album 80% of all proceeds will be forwarded to the charities MMAD (Musicians Making A Difference) and ALNF (Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation). So whilst it is available for a free download, you can help make the world just a little better for someone else by chucking some hard earned at it.

Highly recommended for fans of Sleepmakeswaves, Majora, Dumbsaint

Here’s the links to MMAD and ALNF to learn a little about what they do and where your money is going!

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