HEIRESS – Cold War (single) 2015


HEIRESS new hard hitting, super gritty single is loaded with a relevant message and that polarizing energy that hardcore bands so often lack these days. Even more real..is how they  are offering up the new track which was recorded a year ago..(but are only seeing its release now with the bands return to the fray) they are donating the proceeds of its sale to Beyond Blue* who raise awareness for depression and anxiety.

The lyrics to ‘Cold War’ read like the internal dialogue of someone struggling against their own darker nature. ‘I never used to be violent/through this struggle how could I stay silent and be like them trapped in hell” and by the sounds of it…old mate has seen some shit.

It never fails to make an impact when passionate and emotional content is delivered so irreverently and up front. Read the lyrics and hang in there for the drop at 1;20..its a baller of a track and has a great cause behind it.

People often say they fel like they dont know how to help.. where to start or where to pitch in.. we’ll here’s a great way to make a dollar count. Plus you get a well executed 3 minute slice of hardcore that manages to entertain even on the 3rd, 4th and 5th spin. Welcome back HEIRESS!

*If you don’t know who they are..i’ll just link you directly and ponder how exactly you have managed to avoid knowing anything about one of the biggest issues facing our nation BUT anyway..


Get the song here:


Follow them here:



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