iiah – self titled (2015)


6 tracks, self released from Adelaide based outfit ‘iiah’ putting together music that borrows from the twinkly emo post-rock genre and somehow cuts a swathe all of it own. Albeit a sad one.

From the opening  intro-track the group brings ambient, reverb laden guitars and pretty picked melodies played out over slow paced patterns and delay trails. There’s some big rock moments to follow on ‘Gunnhild’ which contrast well…but those louder moments are scattered throughout the EP and serve to build the tension and impact of the parts before them.

Front man Tim Day has a voice that reminds me of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis at times, in others parts where he’s lamenting and holding longer notes..it’s much more haunting and sounds like a traditional choir vocalist. It’s really quite an interesting mix all up because in the current landscape of bands playing with the shoegaze/emo/post-everything sound, the trend is to do that sing-speak-yelling thing OR be as understated as possible.

‘Letter 86’ makes interesting use of blippy/keyboard drum sounds and interweaves them with the real kit…another creative leap ‘iiah’ are taking with the genre. The synths employed over the later half of the track ‘Sarah’ make a good case for messing with the formula as a post-rock band too.

Here’s a group bringing a strong unique male voice to the front but successfully avoiding the tropes and sounding original. Add to that a band behind it all hitting every step of the post-rock approach and reaching some very cool moments…its really worth checking out! The production is solid and well rounded, the mix may favor Tim’s vocal’s a bit much and the guitars tend to sound a little washed out sometimes, but all this is just details. I think there’s a market for artists like ‘iiah’..not quite post-pop or shoegaze, not quite alt rock or prog..just something else which fans of either side of that coin might like.



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