Miyazaki! – Thank You. Fuck You. Goodbye. (2014)


This Melbourne based three piece has put together a quirky and charming collection of indie rock songs complete with Star Wars references, self depreciating lyrics, witty song titles and refreshingly honest music. On first spin I couldn’t shake the ‘The Might Be Giants’ comparisons. But with less silliness and more rock.

The production is clean and clear with all instruments sounding just as live as they should. In fact there’s more than a few sloppy moments captured for a touch of reality. There is minimal studio trickery employed here..it’s not one of those recordings where everything is trimmed/slammed and squashed into perfection. It’s honest and accurate of what this band actually sounds like! How sad that this almost passes for novelty in this age of technopoly in music. Anyway….I digress…

Luke (guit/vox) singing reminds me of a young Billy Corgan or even ‘Placebo’s Brian Molko. It’s mostly just him on vocals though sometimes there’s a tasteful little harmony behind him … but only occasionally. It might have been a good move to have used some doubling/layering in places to enhance a chorus or two..here or there..but that’s just taste.
The guitar and bass work together really well, there’s some great tones coming out of that axe..I’m not sure what gear they used, but I love the sounds! We get jangly, twinkly, reverby and most of all overdriven rock sounds..but all so well executed, you know they’ve spent time of this element of the band.

Maybe the weakest link here is the lack of memorable choruses or hooks that last beyond the songs 2-3 minute lifespan. It’s not forgettable music by any measure, it’s definitely worth a spin..but each time I turn it off I have immediate trouble remembering how any one song went. One notable exception is at the end of #7 ‘Ain’t no ring on this finger (baby)’..there’s a closing section with Luke singing ‘there’s something missin’ from my life / there’s somethin missin from my life’ coupled with another vocal behind it and a sweet build up from the band. It’s a good moment. The kind I wanted more of and luckily there’s some other great build ups and surprises in other songs too…loads of clever lyrics and feel good jams. The album closer ‘Smells Like Teen Pregnancy’ might be one of the strongest songs on the whole thing, a shame it appears so late in the game..def’s worth listening to sooner rather than later.

In conclusion, this is an honest album, that sounds really good, warts and all. The band are not crafting pop songs or catchy tunes to sell jeans/phones/whatever, it’s subject matter contains a share of social commentary and reflects a bit of realism seldom heard from indie bands who these days are often more concerned with crooning over girls or sooking over them.

Click on here to go check it out!




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