Reverie – S/T 7″ (2014)


A new label based in Brisbane > ‘NeverHomeRecords’ have just put out a stunning debut release from fellow Brissy based 4 piece ‘Reverie’. These guys play a super sad and melodic blend of 90’s emo/indie rock but the material is slower paced than most and at times even leans a little toward post-rock. All the better for it. This method worked for a lot of bands IN THE ACTUAL 90’ it’s great to see old tricks turn new again!

This is going to resonate strongly for fans of TWIABP/Joyce Manor/Modern Baseball/Basement etc etc. It’s that melodic sad and likeable sound that grabs you in the guts and breaks your feels! You could easily imagine a band like this opening for <insert favourite Topshelf/NoSleep/Runforcover band> if you catch my dirft.

The guitars are beautiful here, reminiscent of Sunny Day Real Estate circa ‘Diary’ era or Jimmy Eat World circa ‘Clarity’ era. They use some beautiful tones and often let the chords just ring out without relying on heaps of distortion to sustain them. The bass plays some great parts, noticeably opening the EP with a wicked bass part that starts the song and demonstrates some solid musicianship. Drums are tasteful and sound really roomy and live..fitting for this style but i noticed some clever hat-work and fills that compliment the space given by the guitars. Sometime it’s not what the band plays but rather what they DONT do that makes an impression. Such is the case here.

Another great the mix and production: it’s absolutely spot on. A good performance, no matter how well played or emotional can always be let down by a poor engineer and this release has everything going for it. Front man ‘Mitch’ has a raspy singing voice which conveys heaps of feeling and sounds honest. The melodies are simple and lyrically it’s personal heartfelt content eg. “Always been movie extra, un-focussed background figure”… Love that line!

Overall .. huge thumbs up from me, go get it from one of the links below and lets get behind new bands..and the labels behind them!!

Physical copies of the 7” available here:

Stream/download here:

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