Void Of Vision – Life//Blood – single (2014)



Void Of Vision are a very exciting new Melbourne band at the moment, practically clawing their way to the attention of everyone in the local hardcore/heavy scene across Melbourne and the broader east coast.

This track is the first taste of the bands next release, set to drop later in the year with tours which will be followed by more tours I’m sure. Before this release was let loose, they had a growing collection of songs all put up for free via bandcamp. Each subsequent track/demo released allowed us to hear the band progressively honing in on what they’d eventually nail down as ‘the sound’. It’s been enough so far just for the kids to learn the words, time their kicks and windmills to the grooves and breakdowns..you know how it goes. But only now is this group starting to sound like something NEW and with that maturity builds momentum. The more you hear, the more you want. It’s as simple as that.

The opening to Life//Blood begins with a screamed ‘..welcome to my dreams..’ and double-time drums setting up a great start to a really energetic and instantly likeable song. The tempo drops back a bit..then even moreso into a heavy groove, then back up…and back down. Essentially working to build up to these peak moments of huge riffs/syncopated rhythm patterns and just yeh..solid br00ts and heavy bits. It’s smart song writing for a style that is essentially aimed at hardcore & metal audiences.

The vocal layering and backing vox are all spot on, Jack does a great job of balancing the urgent screams, guttural lows and trademark ‘blergh’ amongst clearly executed vocals. The guitars are immense, the multiple layers here are effective and tough as nails but the tone of the melodic lead that reappears over the top of these huge chuggah/dun dun moments really cuts through. It’s awesome.

As is sadly the case quite often… the bass may as we’ll be played via guitar hero controller for all the good it does. The guitars are tuned so low..sometimes it must be hard for a bass guitar to retain any clarity or definition at that pitch. Time to get inventive or face being replaced by baritones Matt!

It has to be said that having the songs on your phone doesn’t get you close to what goes on live. Nowhere near it. BUT regardless, this song is sick and over too soon! Don’t take my word for it though, go see em live.

But learn the words first. It helps.




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