Left For Wolves – Real Life EP (2014)

EP Cover

The opening track with it’s gang vox/big half time break down.. demonstrates the production values are high on this release and it sounds rrrrreal good. Turn it up. Worth noting is that you can hear every instrument INCLUDING BASS. Bravo boys! It’s obviously just a set up/intro track for the next song ‘Overflow’ which is where the band gets properly into it..but for a kick-off to the EP..it actually sold me on giving the next 5 songs my time.

The band has all the trade mark moments of a serious modern hardcore act..snare rolls over guitars building up into halftime grooves, melodic second guitar parts over the chord’s.. then descending back into a mid paced tough as-nails passage. Neat little guitar trade offs where it goes left/right/left bit grabbed my attention..i like synchronicity like that.

Vocally it’s more or less one deep/grainy hardcore vocal enhanced by occasional gang vox which reminds me heaps of Turmoil/The Haunted/Shadows Fall.. so late nineties US-metal/hardcore. It fits really well actually.

The 3rd and title track to the EP ‘Real Life’ starts with a cool melodic lead over half time chugs.. but shifts gear to a sweet double time punk/core passage and then settles back into a bouncy/groove break. It’s formulaic but damn it works. They’ve obviously spent time on all these transitions and tempos..changes and riffs because it just flows and moves without getting tedious or boring.

These are the trends that repeat throughout the rest of the EP. ‘Build and Release’ as a principle in song writing still works in heavy stuff like this. When the intensity is high all the time you have to implement different dynamics and elements to the mix in order to achieve anything interesting anymore and it seems that Left For Wolves have achieved that across the 6 tracks. They aren’t re-inventing the wheel of course.. there’s honestly nothing new to be done in this genre anyway..and maybe one of the selling points would be that it’ll feel immediately familiar to fans of the genre.

The EP ends with a big slow breakdown ..much like it started with and brings about a kind of closure to it all. In the absence of djenty/proggy/ambient elements…this is great hardcore for right now. I think it sounds tough as balls, the performances are spot on and vocally it’s consistent with anything you’ve heard before and balances out really well. I’d usually only lend my ears to stuff that’s getting some buzz..and i hadn’t heard these guys before listening so this was definitely a buzz-free review..and now..im rather glad i gave it the time!

Stalk em here:  http://www.facebook.com/leftforwolves

FREE D/L available from http://www.leftforwolves.bandcamp.com

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