Hindsight/Love Alone – Split EP (2014)

I want to begin this review with: Favourite local release of 2014?

Still got 6 months to go before that title can be given..but this is a contender.

Two bands.. Hindsight (from Adelaide) and Love Along (Melbourne) have paired together to create a formidable collection of melodic hardcore, punk and even post-rock that straight away has my interest spiked. It’s fast and melodic and passionately intense.

‘Love Alone’ kick of their bracket with #1 ‘Iron Eyes’ > a very post-rock-ambient intro .. kind of lulling you into a false start..cos moments later it completely switches into a break neck punk section and settles in mid paced melodic screamo territory. It ends with snare rolls, distant shouting and reverb laden guitars and all the time i’m thinking.. this is next level stuff..wow.

#2 ‘Opaque’ has more vocals and a higher energy that than the previous track. It’s tempo races and the palm muted guitars find the groove. There’s more of a Touche Amore/Pianos feel going on here in that it isn’t straight/tight rock and has more openness and variety in guitars/vocals are busier and there’s more noise in play.

#3 ‘A Rainless Storm Pt1’ carries seamlessly from the last track..i had to check the screen to see if it was even the same song. It’s all ambience and post-rock reverb and the drums sound like they’re in a cathedral with all the room sound! Its a surprise instrumental that closes out ‘Love Alones’ portion of this and i’m beyond impressed. Seriously. What the hell was that?


‘Hindsight’ play a type of fast, melodic hardcore in the vein of Anchors/Stolen Youth/Irrelevant/Mary Jane Kelly to name a few of the older aussies in the pool. But..maybe with a few more twists and suprises than their contemporaries. This is a new generation of players after all.

There’s an intro track..drums sound off..toms rolling along with clean guitars picking the notes from the chord progression that will become #2 ‘Heidi Ho’. The vocals carry a distinct feeling of emotion in them.. it sounds like this dude is about to Loose. His. Shit. It’s possibly the most impacting thing about this band at first. There’s other members of the band adding vocals, singing and group vox too so it’s a big sound!

#3 W.I.N.G.S. is a different beast. The song starts sounding as though it should be all full and heavy but the guitars remain clean and bright. The vocals and drums are all going at it 100%, but there’s a feeling of restraint to it and this helps to enhance the vocals in this song and build up tension..cos.. you know the heavy is going to drop. And you wait. I really like how this band is teasing at the idea of what you expect to happen and instead..just not doing it. The track ends after a few build ups and smoothed out passages and it never does that big heavy bit.

Then the closer #4 ‘Inner Beauty’ comes and it’s like the drop you were waiting for!! The guitars are just attacking and huge, drums are fast tights and it’s aggressive! There’s a very cool spoken word part in the middle of this one that’s really worth listening to.. ‘I am not worthless/I am fucking worthy/I am myself/And i will never change/I can never change’. Let it all hit you in the guts.

Powerful stuff from two relatively new names to the scene. I seriously hope they can both outlive the new-band life expectancy and grow to make more music in this vein. I’m genuinely floored by this release and think it’d be a right shame for it to go unheard!

Stalk: http://www.facebook.com/lovealoneau

and get half here: http://lovealoneau.bandcamp.com

Stalk: https://www.facebook.com/hindsightmhc

and get the other half here: http://hindsightmhc.bandcamp.com/

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