Mindset – Midnight Sky (2011)

Mindset played a mix of melodic-posi-metal-punk which started some years back ..way down in Tassie, poor bastards. (thats a mainland joke) They released a killer EP which got em on the scene-radar but suffered some lineup challenges and moved to Melbs to start afresh. Then shit got real > They wrote ‘Midnight Sky’. This album is stuffed full of non stop melodic shredding, riffage and fast drumming. First time I streamed this album (via pee records) it immediately reminded me of Strung Out/Rise Against or even early A Day To Remember stuff. Fast forward a few years and today kids would compare it to bands like Napoleon/Heartsounds or maybe even a bit of Architects? I dunno, but its a sound thats really taking off now.

Anyway as that novelty of ‘familiarity with new music’ wore off after a few listens and the slow burners started to show themselves…the whole package really clicked with me and I couldn’t stop jamming it. I booked the band for a show around the release of the album …  a clever plot to watch em play and purchase a hard copy for myself!

Worth it.

Tracks 1-2-3 blaze by effortlessly. They’re fast, flashy and full of cool bits. It’s a really strong way to kick it off. The first real grower track isn’t until #5 ‘Teenage Ghosts’. Tough to describe but it’s a different beast from the rest of this album. Slower, longer and displays way more depth.

The end of track 6 finishes with just the guitars repeating over a line that leads sweetly into track 7… an instrumental..but don’t expect anything less than breakneck speeds and mad riffage because that spins right into a seamless transition to track 8 where the vocals come back in. It’s a great bracket of music I never want to break it up…so I will actually skip it if I don’t have the required 8 minutes to hear them all in succession!!

In the later parts of the album you’ll hear some clean guitar and a few variations on all this fantastic noodling and lead work..but without the ferocity. It balances really well. Fantastic chord progressions, harmonies everywhere and tough as nails vocals all the way through. See…Matt does a rad job on the pipes. He mostly stays with a shouting kind of hardcore-esque vocal that’d you’d expect BUT he surprisingly drops real low and guttural when the breakdown moments call for it ..really supporting the metal intensity. He’s clear and easy to understand..that’s a big plus in my books.

Production wise it’s clean/tight and probably pro-tooled, nipped, tucked and slammed but this is just what it needs to be due to the intense palm muted chugging and triplets and just yeh…fast flashy busy bits. Clarity above all is important for this kind of punk/hardcore otherwise  you miss things. The bands first EP suffered from not achieving this production standard I think.

Wether by luck or design, there’s an undeniable flow and progression throughout which might help overcome the same-same-ness of the material for new comers. For me it just makes the whole thing fly by and I end up at track 10 without realising!

Since they’ve broken up … they offer up a free D/L of the album with links on their Facebook page. They broke up in 2012 just before dropping a EP/7″ vinyl which we’ll never get to hear (*sigh..) but at least this record exsists. Seriously one of my absolute favourites.

Facebook > https://www.facebook.com/ourmindset

Pee Records Bandcamp > http://peerecords.bandcamp.com/album/midnight-sky


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