Hollows – Birds Of Passage EP (2014)

I want to say something like ‘these guys have just come out of nowhere with an incredible debut ep’ but… it wouldnt really be true. Fact is they’ve been around for a little while doing occasional shows, refining it all and chucked a demo up on thier bandcamp ages ago. They flew under the radar whilst writing and preparing for what would be a proper arrival rather than a watch-em-grow kind of approach. Im glad they did. It seems they have channeled all the right energy along with all kinds of hurt/pain/loss and other creative fuel into this. An absolute stunner of a local release. 6 tracks of intense, emotive, angry and melodic music.

Sylistically its easy to use words like emo/hardcore to describe it, but genre casting can be so derivitive. But .. there’s big similarities to past aussie bands like ‘Hopeless’ and ‘Break Even’.. so if you ever lost your shit to those incredibly depressing and amazing hardcore bands.. then this too will gut you. In a good way.

The intro to track #3 Cold Grey gives me shivers..its hauntingly beautiful with it’s distance/uber reverb laden guitar and softly sung vocal .. oh man yes. In fact..the kick off to track #5 ‘Visions’ .. with the guitar build up and vocals over the top…all building and then it just stops. Silence. A few seconds pass and then *boom.. band comes in and it’s all business again. Nailed it.

Bits like these really amplify the impact of the music. This band has clearly given thought to the way it would all flow and work. The guitar work in the instrumental opening to the last track on the ep ‘Fall or Fly’ makes it clear that whilst there’s plenty of screaming, heavy and angry energy..the goal here is to convey feeling.

Overall if you like your music with feeling..then stop what you’re doing.. seriously.. CTRL + T.. new window..
http://hollows-aus.bandcamp.com/ .. it’s pay what you want to.
Follow them on facey.. http://www.facebook.com/hollowsband

RIYL: Hopeless, Break Even, Trophy Eyes, Me Without You, Touche Amore etc al

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