The Just-Us-League / Pop Punk No Junk EP (2014)




The Just-Us-League’ is a melbourne based pop punk band with two qualifying factors for me to be really interested in them at the moment:

1# the ep is pay-what-you-want…winning.

#2 they sound a lot like set-your-goals circa ‘this will be the death of us’ era. Smashing wins.

This band is absolutely nailing the easycore/dual vocal pop punk gig on this release with some really enjoyable hooks and melodies backed by a happy-vibe pop punk and gnarly breakdown bits. It’s really solid. It isnt a new idea and there’s little in the way of experimenting with the formula we’ve come to love (thanks ADTR/Set You Goals/Four Year Strong etc) but it’s ok..what theyve done is damn good. The recording is crisp and clear, the guitars sound big, thick and tough and they work well. Bass is kept clean and sadly a bit buried in the mix..i only hear it when theres a run/line that doesnt follow the guitars..but yeh..small issue. A good mix is important in avoiding clutter and busy-ness in bands like this so compromises happen. Sometimes theres a bit too much going on with vocals/gang noise..but again .. Small issue.

The 1-2 punch of the ‘intro/forever ender bender’ combo is a fun start to things. A good set up for whats to come. The much shorter and faster track #3 ‘Art Attack’ is easily my fav track…just over a minute…gives me a smile each time 🙂 The rest of the EP flies by and the songwriting shows a bit more maturity and depth towards the end and especially on track #7 ‘I Really Hate Parades’ which sounds more like ‘The Wonder Years’ with some great lines about moving on and not wasting time and making the most of life.. PMA stuff. (>positive mental attitude FYI!)

I’m genuinely into this. It’ll get many more spins before i move on to others on the list. Hit up the bandcamp page and see what i mean 🙂


RIYL: Set You Goals, Four Year Stong, A Day To Remember, Chunk No! Captain Chunk

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